The Empathetic Leader Program: Are you ready to elevate leader impact? Demostrate empathy

A Master Facilitator. A Monthly Guide. A Community Platform.

Sign up as a Founding Member and receive:

  • Early access to the Empathetic Leader community, programs and events
  • Early access to the book lineup for the next 6 months
  • Opportunities to inform how the community takes shape

What makes this business Book Club special?

  • Read 1 business book per month together
  • Commit to reading and participating in discussion
  • Receive digital book & periodic access to authors
  • Discuss book through lens of Empathetic Leadership
  • Spark and engage in meaningful discussion
  • Receive co-created monthly guide with action tips from discussion
  • Engage in 1 hour discussion on Zoom
  • Meet and connect with other leaders
  • Receive access to community platform

The first Tuesday of the month we will discuss the book at 8am PST.

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What’s the investment?

  • $199 per month (includes book, discussion, platform and co-created resources)
  • $49 one-time lifetime membership to Empathetic Leader Hub

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Apply here! (Why an application? We’ve built this for leaders and want to ensure this community will support you.) 

After receiving confirmation of your application, you’ll register and request your book. Everything else will be taken care of for you – all you need to focus on is reading, connecting, and experimenting. Come join an engaging and inspiring group of professionals dedicated to ongoing learning and leading with empathy.

Virtual: coming soon!
Learn how to Maximize Interactions Through Empathy

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Cohort: weekly interactive learning sessions via Zoom

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Individual: weekly research experiments

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Individual: private coaching sessions

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Individual: interactive digital toolkit