lead with empathy

Differentiate your leadership and gain a business advantage.

Did you know leading with empathy can save you time? It also combats an affliction I call Leaderitis. Why? Because empathy multiplies the possibilities and opportunities for success during interactions. It’s flexible, so you can augment an existing leadership capability or build a foundation. When you empathize and understand what matters to others, your leadership also remains relevant over time.

Ready to gain a business advantage? Explore these program elements:

Through Their Eyes: Leading with Empathy

Find out if you have Leaderitis and how you can save time by leading with empathy. In this interactive foundational session, you’ll discover why it’s important to collect data like a human detective and explore how empathy can drive your business results by:

Discovering your empathetic tendencies
Activating techniques from The Empathetic Leader framework
Saving you time through relationship shortcuts
Uncovering ways to navigate obstacles

Build upon your foundation by selecting additional modules that fit your needs:

Leading During Times of Change

Help others navigate and adapt to change using empathy as key to transition.


Use empathy across all levels of performance to guide and motivate results achievement.


Deliver crucial feedback with empathy while preserving the relationship.

Receiving Communication

Fully receive communication using empathy to deepen understanding.


Appropriately conserve information received as a result of empathy.


Maintain balance while empathizing, focusing on both people and profit.


Make room for empathy when under pressure or time constraints.


Lead with empathy in an environment where empathy is not the norm.