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It all starts with empathy.

Most leaders don’t want to be bad leaders. Yet, we hear more about bad leadership than good leadership.

Why? Because for many people, leadership is hard.

We understand because we’ve seen the struggle up close.

The ROI of Empathy

Empathetic leadership can increase your bottom line and propel your growth.

Release the struggle and discover how both co-exist.

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Empathy in Action

How is empathy a leadership differentiator?

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Increases Performance

Multiplying work contributions

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Enhances Decisions

Incorporating human data

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Saves Time

Relationship shortcuts

It only takes ten minutes to empathize

Doesn’t sound like much? Come experiment with us and discover how a 10-minute investment in a team member accelerates business results.

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Programs to meet you where you are.

Whether you’re a leader who wants to gain an advantage, a team growing together or an organization accelerating development, we have a program for you.

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“You don’t have to do this alone. Our interactive methods fit into busy schedules and propel you forward within the context of your leadership.

Come for the insights, stay for the community.”

Patricia Bravo, Founder

Meet our founder Patricia Bravo

It all starts with empathy.

Declining a corporate promotion and subsequently leaving the corporate world, I set out to fulfill my mission: amplifying the empathy experienced by team members in the workplace.

The hundreds of leaders I’ve coached, collaborated with and gained insights from have been instrumental in shaping my work. Your involvement can broaden its impact.

Outside of work, my idea of paradise is savoring a Chilean empanada by the water— my Gramma’s recipe. What’s yours?

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Patrica Bravo
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